Holiday Makeup

Fabulous Holiday Makeup

Holiday 2This make up is for ‘’time away” and weekends, with attention to radiant skin and moisture boosters giving way to fabulous glossy lips ,cheeks that are summer bronzed and eyes that reflect starlight.

This is a wonderful way to enjoy make up with ease and fulfillment. Summer make up is also about protecting the body remember your sunscreen at all times if you at the beach, swimming in your pool or walking in the mountains or on bush trails ,sunscreen with high factors and are water proof are a great asset for long term exposure to the sun. Remember a gorgeous golden tan can in later years reflect skin damage, very dehydrated and moisture lacking skin. The UVA rays ages the skin and the UVB burns the skin keep this in mind when choosing a SPF factor and beware that the UV rays can penetrate 5 meters into water. A special tip to remove salt water off your hair and face which can dry your skin pour a bottle of mineral water over your head and face, this will prepare the skin for sun moisturizer and also use a after sun moisturizer all over the body which will add moisture to your skin as your tan develops.

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