DJ’ Favorite Spots

DJ’s Favorite spots in Hyde Park Corner

Hydepark010logoDJ has his favorite places for brides and make up customers who visit his studio, why not pop into Ruby in the Dust for great bridal jewelry and gifts for your brides maids. 

Charles Grieg has been in Hyde Park for many years and has a spectacular collection of some of the most beautiful jewelry pieces one can set eyes on a must visit. 

You can also plan and book your honey moon at Flight Centre they have the most helpful and extremely knowledgeable staff. Selecting a wardrobe for travel and going away outfits there is Mc Cullagh & Bothwell who have the best collection of GANT clothing for your groom the ever so popular Pringle and Burberry shop not forgetting the great men’s outfitters Bon Ami and Lumimance.

Woolworths have great fashions for both bride and groom making shopping fun for both of you.

Le Creuset ,Carrol Boyes and Spilhaus have wonderful wedding gifts to start off the happy home ,a must visit. By now you will need a coffee or lunch break and a visit to Tasha’s le parc is a great place to chat over what you have seen and bought, also a great place to be seen.

Why not meet your fiancé for sundowners at the pool deck at Southern Sun Hyde Park? And then catch a movie and popcorn at the Nu Metro Cinemas.

For the hen party Clicks, Pick n Pay and Dion Wired have a fantastic collection of home gadgets and appliances .For the latest update in bridal looks and wedding venues visit Exclusive Books on the upper level.

When Passing Sandton a treat is to visit Jenna Clifford her jewelry design, attention to detail and superb service is a must for the discerning Bride and Groom.


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