Cutie Pie Makeup

Cutie Pie Makeup

Cutie Pie 2This is a fabulous event for the little ones up to 12 years of age, you can bring the little darlings into the studio so they can have their face colored in with make-up, their hair put up and fitted with a diamond crown, as well as their little nails painted leaving them looking as pretty as a picture with a spray of perfume ,a gorgeous goodie bag and balloons will keep the magic alive for hours .

I suggest showing them off with a visit to Tasha’s le parc for an ice cream and macaroon party, not forgetting a chilled bottle of Prosecco just for you! This event is great during school holidays, special birthdays and after play school during the week. On Saturdays if dad is out playing golf and has rugby planned with his mates, this is a great time for moms and daughters to spend special time together.

Do not forget that daddy loves his blue eyed girl and often has her to himself, so allow dad also enjoy this time as it is really something to remember. Taking photos will capture the special moment forever. Home party packages for up to 12 girls can be arranged.

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