Bar Mitzvah Makeup

Makeup for Bar Mitzvahs

For her coming of age and for her sisters and family who love to get in on this act and look good for pictures, this is for moms too.

This is a big deal for the girl or boy and so to for the parents and grandparents who have looked forward to this day. The parents especially mom has a massive task to organize and plan and would need to have a very organized support team in place ,the guest list can be a nightmare as everyone in the family have friends who must be invited to the occasion .I find most of the Bar Mitzvahs have a theme and a choice of venue is important so as to accommodate the VIP guests this is a very exciting time for all lots of glamour and attention to detail is of the utmost importance as it can be compared to a prelude to a wedding .To complete the success you need a great photographer ,a knock out DJ and fantastic food…………enjoy.

Bar Mitzvah 11

 Bar Mitzvah 2Bar Mitzvah 3

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